SJCS Online Office

San Jose Chinese School have a Staff Only Document Repository at

To access to San Jose Chinese School Document Site, you will need a Google Account. ?Use your existing Google account If you have one. There is no reason to manage multiple Google accounts. Otherwise, you can sing up at

A Google account usually include a Gmail Address as your Google ID; It's not a requirement, however. ?You may use your existing email as Google ID if you prefer. On the "Create your Google Account" page, click on "I prefer to use my current email address" link. ?This will allow to create a Google ID without Gmail.

If you still prefer to register a SJCS specific Google Account,?please?follow the email guidelines, register SJCS Google Account in the following format:?

For examples:

Once you have a Google ID, request access by clicking on the docs link above. ?Be sure to identify yourself to us. ?The request will be forward to SJCS IT.