SJCS 2014 Spring Fundraiser Auction

ThinkTank Learning Almaden Center:
English Class: 40 Hours, 20 Sessions Course

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English Class: 40 Hours, 20 Sessions Course
Original Price $1,099

This certificate is eligible to redeem one of 2014 Spring English Class at Almaden ThinkTank Learning Center.

Available Courses:
Vocabulary Foundation (1/7 - 5/27 Tuesday)
Grammar and Essay Composition ?
(1/9 - 5/29 Thursday)
Comprehending Critical Reading (1/12 - 5/25 Sunday)
Intensive Vocabulary Mastery (1/7 - 5/27 Tuesday)
Advanced Critical Reading (1/12 - 5/25 Sunday)
Perfecting Grammar & Style (1/6 - 5/26 Monday)

Almaden ThinkTank Learning Center
6964 Almaden Expy,
San Jose, CA 95120

Please check ThinkTank Learning 2014 Spring Schedule for course details.

All proceeds benefit San Jose Chinese School.
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By participating in this auction, You agree to pay the full amount in exchange for the item when you win the auction.? Please bid at least $20 more than the Current Highest Bid.? All bids will be reviewed and invalid bides will be removed.? Final Winner will be contacted and posted after the auction closed.?

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The Auction will close on Dec 13, 2013.