Designer Sunglasses Auction

Variety Designer Sunglasses?
Dr. Kelly Lao, Optometrist, is proud to support San Jose Chinese School. All proceeds benefit San Jose Chinese School.

You are binding on individual pair of sunglasses from Dr. Kelly Lao, Optometrist.

#1 Elle Sunglasses - Black Frames (1898655) regularly valued at $175

#2 Coach Sunglasses - Tortoise Frames (5052) regularly
?valued at?$225

#3 Evatik Sunglasses - Black Frames (1035) regularly
?valued at?$275

#4 Elle Sunglesses - Havana Frames (18960) regularly valued at $175

#5 Ray Ban Sunglasses - Black Frames (2132) regularly valued at $225

Starting Bid
Minimum Bid
Terms of Auction
By participating in this auction, You have agreed to pay the full winning bid amount in exchange for the item in the event of winning this auction. ?Please bid at least $5 more than the Current Highest Bid. All bids will be reviewed and invalid bides will be removed. ?Final Winner will be contacted and posted after the auction closed.

NOTE: Current Highest Bid is not real time and may take up to 5 minutes to refresh.

The Auction is active now and accepting bids!

Online Bidding will close on April 4, 2014 8 PM. Bidding will continue on on site on Saturday, 4/5 from 10AM to 1 PM.
Elle Sunglasses  - Black Frames (1898655) Coach Sunglasses  - Tortoise Frames (5052)
Evatik Sunglasses  - Black Frames (1035) Elle Sunglasses  - Havana Frames (18960)
Ray Ban Sunglasses  - Black Frames (2132) ?
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